mercredi 19 juin 2013

Anglais : Et si on s'y mettait vraiment ???

Coucou tout le monde,

Je vais commencer cet article en français pour vous expliquer qu'il va s'agir d'un article en anglais. J'espere que vous aimerez, n'hésitez pas à commenter et me dire ce que vous en pensez :) Bisous bisous :) 

 Hi Everyone,

This is a new kind of article today. I'll try to do an article completly in english (with easy words for you). It's hard for me to do that because, i know that my english is not perfect, i still make mistakes but what do you want from me ? I learned it by being here, not in books, so sometimes it can be hard. So i apologize if you can see mistakes. 

Anyway, yesterday we moved one of our bookcase in the living room. I had to remove all the books and put them back. Tonight, when i was looking at them, one gave me an idea ;) I decided to share that book with you in this category.

It's a book i bought to my husband as a Christmas gift one year. It explains to americans typical french words that we use all the time. You can think it's boring, but they explain them with lot of humor. 

The book is call : Pardon my French. 

I thought it could be nice to explain you things that you already know, but in english and a different point of you.

Let s get started !

The first word they explain in the book is : Apéro ! I thought it was really funny because, it's a thing we do in France for any reasons that is really missing in the american way of life. I miss that a lot !!! 

How the book explain it :

Apéro is the familiar form of the word apéritif ad it is definitely an important word to learn early on. With luck, you will encounter un apéro either at work or at home. At work, people seem to treat their colleagues to an apéritif before a meal to celebrate the birth of a baby, the buying of a new car or to announce a change of job. I have fond memories of sitting down for lunch with colleagues whereupon one would rub his hands together with delight and cry: "Allez ! C'est moi qui vous offre l'apéro aujourd'hui !" before going on to announce some especially good news. We also have a system where if you lost a bet, you had to pay for the apéro for everyone. You can of course have apéritif away from the office, whether before a meal at home with friends or at a restaurant. Inviting someone an apéro or, more correctly, inviting them to " venir prendre l'apéritif " is a pleasant and simpler altrenative to inviting them to supper. The key element of a decent apéro is good sparkling wine, or preferably Champagne, in generous quantities. The ultimate apéro, which can rival a meal, is something called an apéritif dinatoire. If you get invited for such an apéro you can expect the drinks to be accompanied by several different types of hot food and there should even be something sweet at the end. Depending on how much food is served, an apéritif can last anywhere from an hour to all evening.

What do you think ? For me it's close to the real apéritif, but it's a little cliché ... Because personally in my family, we nerver really drink champagne or wine during an apéro, unless it will be a big event. And they forgot to talk about the littles snacks we are serving with, like nuts, curly ... And sometimes you can have apéro dinatoire without hot food ... I think it s a good try for this book to explain this word, it's not wrong at all, just need to be a little less cliché !!! 

I do not know if i will do the same thing next week, because i'm not really allowed to write down the entire book, but i will try to share with you maybe the funniest one :) Or the one you are not expecting to be explain to somebody in a book. 

Have a good one and see you later :)

XoXo my friends,

10 commentaires:

Carine a dit…

Oui ça fait cliché l'apéro au boulot plutot mal vu sauf s'il s'agit d'alcool doux type cidre sinon champagne oui pour les femmes les hommes en tout cas dans le nord de la France c'est plutot pastis ou whisky avec des biscuits apéro bien gras.... a ce sujet ils mélangent désormais les tuc avec le chocolat milka style petit écolier perso suis dubitative.... Où peut on se procurer ce livre ?

Paulineetoile* a dit…

Oui chez moi aussi c'est pastis pour les gars et muska ou truc dans le genre pour les femmes. Et les gateaux apéros lol ça manque lol Ah oui j'ai essayé chez ma soeur, c'est un peu bizarre mais j'en mangerais pas à l'apéro peut etre juste en petit 4hrs lol

Je l'avais trouvé sur AMAZON, as tu mon facebook ? je vais mettre la photo du livre dessus, je ne l'ai pas trouvé sur le net au moment de faire l'article :) Je vais peute tre éditer l'article pour mettre la photo et le nom de l'hauteur ;) !!!!


Carine a dit…

Merci c'est gentil mais mission accomplie livre trouvée à la FNAC

Mau a dit…

OMG! I loooooove your new article! I love english ;)

take care ! Bisous ! xoxo

Lucille a dit…

L'apéro au travail, moi je trouve pas ça trop cliché... c'est peut-être parce que je bosse dans le vin ! lol et du coup ça arrive qu'on en fasse !
Sinon pour l'apéro entre amis et en famille, je trouve pas ça cliché non plus de dire qu'on boit du vin et du champagne car c'est ce que je fais souvent...
Alors soit je suis un cliché ambulant soit ça existe vraiment :D lol

Paulineetoile* a dit…

Carine : Ah Super ça :) Tu l'as acheté ?

Mau : Good :) I'm glad you like it :)

Lucille : LOL et bien oui tu es peut être cliché lol, mais il est vrai que chez moi en France, on fait pas vraiment les apéros comme ça, c'est peut etre un truc du milieu/sud de la France ;)

Bisous à vous les filles :)

princesse cla a dit…

Hi! It's a good article, but I think it's a cliché because at work you can't drink alcohol (I think it's a bad word) it's prohibed.
Can you try again to write an article in english, I can progress at all...
Take care.

Paulineetoile* a dit…

Thank you :)

I will try :)

Pauline a dit…

I love it !!!

And I think this book could be a good present for my future host family!

Cant wait to read the next article. Will it be in English too?
Concerning apero at work, I dont think its a cliché because its something you can see.. for occasions of course, not daily, but its not rare !
And concerning wine ... lol I just have to totally agree because this is the only apero I drink (white of course!)

See you!

Paulineetoile* a dit…

I'm glad that you love it :)

I really think too, i didn't buy it for my host family because they speak french and my host dad is french so ... But i really think it is a good gift.

I think i will try to do it in english, just because it will be just one day a week and people seems to like it so ... i think i will lol

Lol i think it depends which part you are from in France. Because in Bretagne, most of the time we drink :pastis, muska, rosé ... So

See you :)